Overcoming Inertia


An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an external force. That force was my mom. The fire I felt last week that inspired me to move my body and commune with nature sort of dwindled yesterday.
I had set the intention to exercise my body and get strong again in effort to restore my pre-baby well being. I miss the strength I had in my core, the agility with which I could move and the flexibility in my back and my whole body. This new year, I’m getting it back!
Like most people, my resolve dipped just a week after I set my intention. Blessed as I am, my mom came to help me get out of the house and bask in the glorious sunshine, which any New Englander knows can be quite elusive in the wintertime.
Change, especially when in your highest good, is the fastest way to get Ego to rear it’s ugly head! Here’s a sample of my internal dialogue as I was pushing myself to get ready to go for a walk at the beach: what if I’m cold and I don’t wear the right clothes? The stroller is in my husband’s car– what if the baby won’t tolerate the baby carrier? We aren’t used to using it. What if he has a blowout mid-walk? Etc., etc., ad nauseum… Who in the world gets anxious to walk at the beach on a beautiful day? I mean, it’s not even bikini season!
Anyway, my mom has a solution to each problem. For example, dress in layers, if he cries we can hold him in our arms, I can always run back to the car and bring it around to you… God bless her!
I knew that once I was there taking in the sunshine, breathing the salty air, and getting the blood flowing in my body, that I would feel wonderful.
And so, I dragged my butt to her car, placed my baby in his carseat, and breathed, saying, God, I surrender everything to you. I asked the angels, archangels, an beings of the highest Light for their help, guidance, and protection. Sure enough, once my baby allowed me to put him in the carrier and we were on our way, I felt wonderful! The sun felt so nourishing, and the sea air filled my lungs. I was so happy to spend the time with my mom and the baby and to be out in nature. Additionally, baby Alessandro actually napped! (We are working on improving his naps.)
The biggest reason I pushed myself out the door was so that I could be in alignment with my spiritual, Infinite Self, and not be dominated by the ego. The ego will have endless reasons for a person not to follow a spiritual practice. It takes will and courage to say, thanks for sharing, ego, but I’m doing it anyway. I had tons of reasons to not go on the walk, but I did it anyway. Yay! It’s the little triumphs in life, you know? They accumulate and pretty soon you go from a dreamer to a doer.
Every time you choose the path of joy or your highest good, you clear the path so that next time you find less resistance. Perhaps it won’t be a super highway and it will look like a semi-trodden path in a thick forest, but keep going! An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an external force.
I learned from this experience that the outcome is important, and so is the journey. And so, I modify my intention for the new year: my intention is for my body to be healthy and strong and to be truly happy while doing the preparations and while exercising!



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