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Soul Purpose, Life Function

One of my best friends lost her job after working eight years for a successful and growing company. It was unexpected and the only reason they gave her was that her position had been eliminated. Not surprisingly, she feels confused and apprehensive about the future. Friends and family around her also feel a bit shaken because the belief is if this could happen to someone who is so good at her job, it could happen to anyone!

She told me of a friend who said, “Are you kidding?! This is the best thing to ever happen to you! You have been with them eight years and learned so much, but you’ve outgrown them. I cannot wait to see what awesome new job you are going to land!!”

What a fabulous way to see the situation! And brava to her for having the guts to say something so True and positive, especially when it’s not what’s expected.

When something happens that we don’t want to have happen, it can be very scary because we feel out of control. But we need to remember that the same force that holds the planets in orbit, the same force that creates an entirely new baby from two cells is holding each of us in the palm of His hand.

It takes some deep soul searching and releasing control to God and trusting. Our human vision is so limited because we see through the filter of the mind instead of clearly from the heart, which is where Truth lies. We forget that we come to earth to learn certain lessons. We also forget that we don’t have to learn them through pain. We can intend to learn our lessons through joy. And we begin to see the silver lining and sometimes we can see the deeper meaning and purpose of the events in our lives. To see from this perspective it helps to get very quiet and focus on your heart. A Paramita meditation will help. Paramita meditation


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