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Do I Really Have To?

Do I really have to meditate every day? Can’t I do a really long one for the week, like go to church on Sunday and be set for the week? I can’t be grandfathered in, either?

Living a spiritual life means feeling the Creator’s presence every moment. I strive for that on my daily life, not just on Sundays. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. At one time it was all I wanted, but I realized I was not getting any closer to the enlightenment I knew I could have.

Once I challenged myself to do the Paramita Path meditations for half an hour every day, remaining focused on my heart and feeling the Creator’s presence became easier.

Sometimes I don’t meditate if I’m excited to get straight into the activities if the day. But the result is that I feel disconnected, frustrated, and/or unfocused. So, I try to do at least a five minute morning meditation, a five minute evening one before I go to sleep, and a half hour one sometime during the day. The best time is during my baby’s morning nap. I lie down with him and meditate while he naps. We both reap wonderful benefits and are in better moods for the rest of the day.


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