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How to Feel Well After a Well Visit

Mamas, you know exactly what I mean by the title of this post, don’t you? We just had our “6 month well visit” to the pediatrician. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a visit to check on babies’ growth and well being, and also to administer vaccines. As an adult, you know what’s coming to your innocent, unsuspecting baby. And it feels rotten.

How do I get through these visits? With lots of prayers, reminders of the benefits of vaccines, and celestial and earthly backup, I find these visits more tolerable. I am so pleased to report that we had a wonderful, relaxing evening!

Tonight was nothing like our 4 month visit. Crying at the doctor’s office, was followed by more crying at home, no nap, and he was fussing inconsolable all evening. Ugh! I was not looking forward to today’s visit. Last time I made the mistake of inviting my cousin over for dinner. This time I cleared our schedule and made the appointment for as late in the day as possible so that bedtime would roll around sooner.

A few days before the appointment, I sent Light ahead of us. I surrendered my entire being to the Creator, as well as my baby. I let go of all the fear that I felt surrounding vaccines, and allowed the Creator to be in control. (You see, I felt more fear not giving my son vaccines than I do giving them to him. This is contrary to a few individuals’ point of view who are more fearful of the vaccines’ possible side effects than they are of the diseases that they prevent. For me, I believe that we are blessed to live in a part of the world where these preventable diseases are rarely seen. Still, I prefer not to rely on her immunity.)

I read an article in a magazine about a woman who runs charity events to provide polio vaccines to people in her native India. She talked about her childhood when she saw children dragging their polio-ravaged bodies through the streets. She said, “When I grow up, I’m going to do something about it.” When I start feeling bad about jabbing my baby with a needle, I think how much worse I would feel if my child were ill. That puts it back into perspective real fast!

This morning I put each of us, plus the doctor and nurses each in a Chi Ball. (In Paramita we use these spheres of energy around a person or object to protect it from outside negative energy and in some cases to prevent that person’s or object’s negative energy from affecting others.) I asked the angels, archangels, and beings of the highest Light to help, guide and protect us. Then I surrendered our day to the Creator and thanked Him for all our blessings. For earthly backup I called my Friend who is also a Paramita and asked her to Send us Light.

Well, the visit itself was pretty bad. Turned out that in addition to the injections, the doctor had to perform another painful procedure on my baby. My baby had skin adhesion where he had been circumcised and the doctor had to pull the skin apart. My heart dropped. He cried very hard. I just tried my best to stay present and breathe and allow the Creator’s Love to flow through me and console my little angel. I asked the nurse for some infant Tylenol. I sang to him, played with Captain Calamari (one of his favorite toys), and once he calmed down we left. He fell asleep in the car but woke up once we got home. I scooped him up and lied down into bed with him. I nursed him while I listened to the Paramita Meditation to Heal

He drifted off almost immediately. On a spiritual journey one finds that the road is sometime more like a spiral than a linear path. Every day I surrender something to the Creator, but at this particular moment, I felt a shift occur and I was able to surrender even more deeply. I realized that it was a possibility that he wouldn’t feel better after the meditation, but the most important thing I could do was intend for me to feel better. Only when I felt better could I really be present with him and care for him instead of being a nervous wreck. And so, I surrendered his experience and intended that I heal. I also realized that because we are all connected, if I vibrate at a higher frequency, which is what happens we you feel great, then he would have an opportunity for his vibration to entrain to my higher frequency and that would help him feel better.

The results were miraculous! I felt wonderful, and when he woke up, he was in one of the calmest, most content moods I’ve ever seen him in. He showed no sign of discomfort. We actually had one of the best evenings so far! As I write this, he is sleeping peacefully and soundly. Thank you, Creator for all the blessings received!


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