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Defining Success Beyond Money and Power

Tax season. I suppose I could feel happy that I didn’t have to give any money to the government. But that’s stupid, because we know what that means– either you evade taxes or you just haven’t made any money! No, it’s not the former, thank you. 😜

I just haven’t made any money. No contributions appear on my portion of the return. I feel very ambivalent about this. I mean, what am I doing with my life if I’m not working and saving for vacations and retirement? The collective consciousness is telling me to feel worthless.

{Unplugging from the collective consciousness}

I’m realizing that success is not simply being rich and powerful. I feel successful when I live my life on purpose and I’m following my heart. Authenticity. Being seen as eccentric or weird and not letting it stop me from being myself. Success is when I feel creative and see the product of a project. And yes, getting paid for my efforts.

Cars, jewelry, It Bags, etc. etc. they’re nice to have, but they don’t bring happiness or a lasting sense of security.

Success is a feeling of contentment and creativity, and it is having a network of loving friends and family. Essentially, success is connection to the Creator and all that is. What more could I ever want?

I’m determined to make 2014 my most successful year so far. What makes me feel creative and connected?

-beautifying my home and making it a sacred space for my family
-making all natural and healing beauty products
-helping others feel connected to their Infinite Selves and their Higher Purpose

Things I need to work on:
-being in the flow of giving and receiving (charging money for my time and services)
-letting go of doubt about my purpose and my abilities
– Just DO it!


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