gluten free

Green Goodness


If you want to change your diet, instead of starting by eliminating junk food, try adding more good stuff. Eventually, the good food on your plate will crowd out the junk food and with much less effort, you’ve achieved your goal of changing your diet.

That was the advice I heard Chris Carr, a speaker on Hay House Radio, say. I can do that, I thought! It’s in accordance with my no deprivation rule! I want to clean up my diet so that I can hear my inner guidance better. Doreen Virtue has been talking about detoxing a lot lately in angel readings. When our bodies are free from toxins and our digestive systems are not sluggish from trying to process foods that are not compatible with our body, the body is then free to function as the highly sensitive instrument it’s meant to be. For example, if my system is clean, I feel happier and I can sense energy more easily. And as an added bonus, I’m more sure of what I’m experiencing instead of doubting myself. Why? It’s because my energy is clear. It’s akin to having good cell phone reception versus spotty– you can hear the messages more clearly.

Last week, after baby and me yoga at Yoga For Everybody in Fairfield, I stopped into Catch a Healthy Habit for a smoothie. I chose a kale, pear, banana and date smoothie. Delicious! But at $8 a glass, it could turn into a healthy, but expensive habit. I decided that I would stock my fridge with the ingredients and make it myself.

With a 7 month old baby, I find it challenging to prep food and cook. He loves to be held and see what’s happening. It’s too hard to cut up fruit with one hand while holding him in the other. (I have baby carrier, but he faces in and gets frustrated when he can’t see what I’m doing.) So, even though the enzymes break down once you cut the fruit, for the sake of a happy baby, I cut it up when I have the chance and leave the rest in the fridge.

Perfectionism stops me from doing things. My new adage this year is “good enough is good enough!” I do the best I can and keep going!

So there in that picture is my green goodness. I’m adding one a day!
I put chopped kale and filtered water in the blender and blended it until it was as fine as it could be. I made the mistake of not blending it well first and it felt like I was drinking the bottom of a lawn mower. Ugh. Then I added half a pear, half an apple, half of a frozen banana, one date, and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Cheers!


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