Emotional Alchemy


You know those people who really push your buttons?  All I want to do is avoid people who push mine, but what can we do when these people are close to us or in our family?  Avoid family gatherings?  I enjoy my family’s company too much to give up time with them for one particular person.  I could complain to anyone who will listen, but where does that leave me?  Even more angry and bitter, and eventually alone because people tire of listening to misery. 

A change in attitude is in order. You can’t change a person, only yourself.   Law of Attraction says like attracts like. And, so, the introspection begins. 

How am I attracting this situation into my life?  This person conjures feelings of inadequacy, that I’m not doing things right and other people are suffering for it. My thoughts go like this: I’m not feeding my son correctly or feeding him the right foods. I’m lazy and a bad mother and wife because I don’t cook full meals every day. I don’t wear makeup or blow dry my hair every day, so I’m letting myself go and my husband will not like it.  And on and on… 

Am I perfect? Absolutely not. Am I as bad as my thoughts make me out to be? Not a chance.  No truth is in these thoughts because they are laden with judgements and ideas of what others think is appropriate for a wife, a mother, or whatever label they can call me.

So why do I care what she thinks?  I care because her words are filtered through my own insecurities. My feelings of inadequacy have nothing to do with this particular person. She could say that I would look so pretty with green hair. In this case I wouldn’t think, oh no, my hair looks bad. In this case I totally disagree and have absolute confidence I would not look good with green hair. Consequently, her comment wouldn’t bother me in the least! You see, she is the way she is and will say whatever she wants. I am the one who chooses how to respond to her.  Only I am responsible for my feelings.  So, now what do I do with them? 

Learn and grow.

Change lead into gold.

Step 1: identify the feelings and where they are reflected within myself.

I feel angry when this person makes suggestions about how I should do things because I’m afraid I’m doing it all wrong to begin with.

Step 3: be grateful for the clarity and for this person who so effectively made me realize I’ve got some work to do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you because I see how my own doubt in myself blocks my happiness and peace and causes discord in my relationships.

Step 3: intend for what I’d rather have.

I now intend to release any self doubt and I ask God, the angels, archangels, and beings of the highest Light to help me trust my intuition and divine guidance. 

How freeing! Perhaps she will continue with her constant suggestions, but if I continue this practice, they will no longer bother me. Who knows… I may even be open enough to learn something from her experience. šŸ˜‰

After a recent visit from the Button-Pusher, I am amazed at the miraculous transformation that occurred! I did the spritual work, and the Creator took care of the rest. I released my insecurities and through His Grace, I felt such peace, even in the presence of this person, that my heart was open to learn something from her. I welcomed the tips and suggestions that had driven me crazy before. How amazing is that?!

If you have a similar story, please share it in the comments. Hearing and sharing your experiences can help so many!


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