Manifestation and Baby Steps


For a while I’ve been thinking that I need to improve my manifestation skills. I took the typical route of berating myself for not being as far along as I wish I was, but of course, that got me even further away from my goal (easy and graceful manifestation of all good things).

I just noticed today as my son was playing with the wind chimes for the millionth time that these could very possibly be the same set of chimes that captured my heart a couple of years ago.

I was visiting a garden nursery where my friend works, and up in a huge oak tree swung beautiful wind chimes. “One day,” I said, “I’ll have wind chimes like these in my yard.” Well, years later, I just realized I did indeed have the wind chimes in my yard. My friend lives on the same property and she must have brought them home! This is a very simple, but important realization for me: I CAN manifest! I just need to notice it, and then I’ll be able to see my improvement in manifestation. Yay for baby steps!


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