The Art of Fine Living and Lessons from Madame Chic


This book, Lessons from Madame Chic, practically jumped off the shelf and into my hands as I was waddling behind my toddler at the library.  Had I not been concentrating on making sure my 13 month old did not destroy the library, I probably would not have checked out the book, dismissing it as superficial; who has time for style? 

I am so glad I just went with it and checked it out! You see, I had been feeling a little down and not loving myself enough.  I felt overwhelmed by how much attention my baby needed, and I barely made time to do my makeup most days. I wasn’t doing yoga on a regular basis anymore, and I was feeling lonely and bit estranged from husband who gets home after I’ve already eaten dinner with the baby. Life was lacking luster. A disconnect between my rich spiritual life and dull physical life became apparent.

Then along came this little gem of a book by Jennifer L. Scott. I read through it once and started putting some of the lessons into action. I feel energized and passionate again!

I committed myself to delving into these lessons deeper. I applied the lesson of each chapter and discovered the magic in the art of fine living!

You see, by living with intention, a simple meal can be elevated to special occasion. Instead of waiting around for a special occasion to happen, I now use my crystal every day and set the table as if for guests- even if it’s just baby and myself. Playing some gorgeous classical music while I cook breakfast lends an air of importance to this quotidian task. And why shouldn’t it be important? It’s only my life!

These are the moments, the simple, mundane moments that make up a life. Elevate them! Then I can look back and say, yes, I enjoyed myself every day and I lived intentionally. This is a gift to myself and also to my family. It creates a loving space for them where they feel special and that they deserve the crystal.

What ways do you elevate your daily tasks? How do you live intentionally and make your days count?

Please share in the comments!


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