How to Transform Your Everyday Life into the Sacred Journey

You’ve heard it before: we are one, God is Love, Love is all there is. And you’ve had beautiful moments of experiencing these Truths. Then the lucidity slips away and you’re back to mumbling about how your partner will throw his dirty socks on the floor next to the hamper instead of in it. So, how do we seekers and awakening ones integrate the elevated spiritual experiences into our mundane lives? Otherwise, it feels like we are putting up with normal life while waiting for the next round of angel trumpets, much like trudging through the week while waiting for the weekend.

I remember what it was like to begin this awakening process. It felt like my life was finally starting. I felt excited and happy, much like falling in love. I also felt huge disappointment when my frequency dropped and I wasn’t on that spiritual high. I found that while waiting for the next wave of ecstasy, I was wishing my life away.  I discovered ways to keep the feeling of connection I found in my meditations and on the yoga mat throughout my day. And over time, I transformed my everyday life into a Sacred Life of Love and purpose. You can, too! Here are some tips and tricks to keep you humming through the ho-hum.

1.  Be present.  Do this moment like nobody’s business! If you’re on Facebook, then be on Facebook. But if you’re hanging out with a friend, don’t be on Facebook. Be with your friend. Sometimes when I’m home all day with my toddler, I’ll start getting antsy about not getting a chance to write or create a coaching program when inspiration hits. Then I’ll say to myself, “you’re doing that thing again where you rob yourself and your baby of the gift that’s available only in this present moment.” So, I’ll come back to the present moment and enjoy my son. But sometimes I’ll find resistance to being in the moment: I’m just so attached to my idea of what I’d rather be doing, which leads me to the next step.

2. Accept what is and just surrender to it. I find that once my vital energy is no longer tied up in resisting, it’s free to bring me an idea of what I can do to either change the situation if possible, or to find love somewhere in it and enjoy it. For example, traffic. Seriously, you can enjoy yourself in traffic! Step out of everyone else’s paradigm for a second and indulge me. You’re in your car, perhaps with a screaming child who detests his car seat, and you’re stuck. You have two choices, be angry with yourself because you didn’t go the other way, or worse, blame the world, or you could accept that this is where you are right now and surrender to it. Put on some kid songs and belt out the Wheels on the Bus. Or go ahead and sneak a moment for yourself by putting in one ear bud and listening to some Abraham Hicks or other uplifting and inspiring audio. Or perhaps you choose to count your blessings and radiate Love to everyone around you. They’re in the same situation as you, but they’re not having nearly as good a time as you! (But they could!)

3. Set your intentions for the day.  Your subconscious mind will do its business even if you want to do something else. Is not so easy to change a habit, right? So use the (not so) secret weapon of setting intentions. As Matt Khan, a spiritual teacher, says, intentions are instructions for your subconscious. You set an intention and your subconscious is like, ok, yeah, I’m on it.  Matt suggests to pair the most ridiculously lofty intention with the most mundane thing. For example, with every step take, may the planet and all beings heal. With every bite I take, may all beings be nourished. Talk about a power lunch!  If that’s a little too weird, start with, “my intention is to find as much proof of Love as I can find today.” Or “my intention is to be more loving and patient today than I was yesterday.”

3. Infuse (bless) everything with Love. If you are attuned to the Paramita Path light, radiate your food and water with Love. That way, you fill yourself with Love as you radiate, and then you take more Love in as you eat and drink. To everyone you see, in your mind say, may you be blessed. This is consciously co-creating a world of Pure Love. This is the opposite of continuing the fear-based way of life that has gripped humanity for so long. Make every second count, even at the water cooler.

4. Meditate every day. I meditate in the morning to set my intentions and infuse my day with Light so it runs smoothly, again during the day for a minimum of 30 minutes (it’s the best reset button I’ve found!), and then again at night before going to sleep to infuse my dreams with Light so that I can receive and interpret messages from the Creator, the angels and my guides. Scientists are doing tons of research on the effects of meditation nowadays. (Woohoo!) Check some of it out for information on some of the ways meditation can contribute to staying young, achieving higher scores on SATs, and lowering anxiety. Of course, this research probably won’t tell you what mystics have known for-like-ever, that it can accelerate your spiritual evolution!

5. Appreciate nature and beauty. Raises your vibration. ‘Nuff said.

6. Move your body. Exercise, dance, yoga, walks, whatever, but move your body with the intention of releasing negative energy and of strengthening and clearing your chakras and energy body.

7. Be super nice to yourself. I don’t mean go buy yourself a new outfit. I mean don’t put yourself down in any way. Especially if it’s in response to not following your spiritual practice. The spiritual ego is just as miserable to have around as the ego. The spiritual ego parades around as being spiritual, but it’s laden with judgement. So it’ll say, “that man acted rudely, he is not on the right spiritual path.” An observation of behavior is one thing, and adding judgment to it is another. So, don’t judge yourself. Be the kindest person to yourself you know. And if you find yourself being mean to yourself, notice and say, “oh, I’m doing that thing I do again.” And stop.

8. Anchor into your heart and feel the presence the Creator. Simply have the intention to live from your heart. If you find yourself back in your head, notice it without judgment, and switch back to your heart. This is the most important tip to remember. If you don’t do anything but this this, you’ll still see a huge shift in your life. And if you do everything else without this, you won’t transform a thing.

Transforming your life into a Sacred Journey of Love and purpose is simple, and it does take practice and persistence. You can do it!

Did you like these tips? Did you learn something new? I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you create a Sacred Life, so please share in the comments. If you think someone you know would enjoy these tips, please share the link with them! I’d be very grateful!


3 thoughts on “How to Transform Your Everyday Life into the Sacred Journey

    1. Marta, thank you for your response! “Me-time” is fundamental to a spiritual and happy life. When we can truly love ourselves unconditionally loving others unconditionally becomes easier because we see the divinity in ourselves reflected in them. In other words, put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. 🙂

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