Awakening. This is what life is all about, Friends. Here are the cliffs notes: we are on this planet to wake up from the dream of separation, heal our stuff, and get back in alignment with who we really are.  Some of us are here to help others along this journey.  It’s not an easy one. It can be, but not if you’re mired in the muck of dense emotions and drama, or if you’re on the hamster wheel of “what will they think of me?”.

Put down the f’ing phone, shut off the TV, and pay attention to your heart! That is where you will find the answers. Your heart will lead you home.  Don’t listen to that voice that tells you, “Don’t look within! Are you kidding?  You’ll find darkness, regret, and mistakes!” That’s the ego, the number one obstacle to happiness, and it’s mission is to keep you small, scared, and asleep.

Beneath the layers of darkness, regret, and mistakes, you’ll find Love. I promise you.  Keep peeling the layers. You’ll get there. And when you do…. Oh, get ready to feel an expansion like you wouldn’t believe! Things start falling into place as if by magic, your day is easy and fun, and things that bothered you before don’t even phase you. You’re free!

Wake up. It’s time to remember the real YOU.


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